Monday, October 17, 2011

Free Agent Watch: Ramon Santiago

Ramon Santiago put up 1.3 WAR in 2011. That would be worth 3.9 million according to Halladay Standard. Over the past 3 years, he has averaged a 1.67 WAR, worth 5 million according to Halladay Standard. It is clearly his defense that is carrying him though, he had a pathetic 3.3 PAPP, .63 PPG, .311 OBP, .695 OPS in 2011. In his career, the numbers are about the same: 3.3 PAPP, .67, .316 OBP, .658 OPS. He has a career 81.96 pitches per starter (a metric that measures how many pitches he would cause a starter to throw through 6 innings if he was every single plate appearance), hits more groundballs than major league average, and 17% of his flyballs were in the infield in 2011 (way more than league average). Of course, he doesn't walk much, gets less extra base hits than most major leaguers, and has over twice as many at-bats per home runs as average. His career secondary average is a pretty putrid .176, and an offense full of Santiago's would win just 38% of its games (assuming average pitching and fielding). Whatever he is going to be paid, it is going to be too much. The only positive statistic he has every led the league in is sacrifice hits. That says it all.

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