Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Newest A's: Evan Scribner and Cedric Hunter

The Athletics claimed two minor league players (they both have very small pointless samples in the Majors) from the Padres off waivers. First relief pitcher Evan Scribner, who also has spent time in the Diamondbacks minor league system. In his minor league career, he has a very impressive -5.012 PE. He is a pretty impressive strikeout pitcher, that doesn't give up a lot of homers. He has pitched almost exclusively as a late inning guy, finishing 152 out the 214 games he pitched. This sounds exactly like a page out of Moneyball (the book at least), getting a cheap prospect to use as a closer. If the plan works out the same, Beane will trade Scribner away before he costs any money and will get more prospects. In AAA in 2011, he had a FIP of 3.48, and gave up a BAA of .243 with a BABIP of .303. Cedric Hunter is a left handed outfielder that spent 5 years in the Padres minor league system. He had an OBP of .347 and an OPS of .739 in this time. His PPG was an unimpressive but not bad 1.24 PPG, and his PAPP was 2.75. He created a pretty mediocre .53 runs per game and has a minor league simple WAR of 1.08. This is all pretty lackluster, but it gets even worse when you look at his AAA numbers, which added up to a -.722 simple WAR. So Hunter is not even a good AAA player (he doesn't get on base either, a .316 AAA OBP). The Scribner move looks like another Beane stroke of genius, but the Hunter acquisition doesn't make much sense.

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