Monday, October 17, 2011

Free Agent Watch: Chein-Ming Wang

It is now rumored that the Nationals are discussing an extension with Starting Pitcher Chein-Ming Wang. In 62.1 innings with the Nats, Wang had an even 0 WAR. This is after losing the entire 2010 season to injury. In 5 seasons with the Yankees, he posted a 10.9 WAR, making about 10 million dollars in that time (a 917 WASP for a franchise that is notoriously inefficient). His best year was when he put up a 5.4 WAR, but in 2009 he had a terrible -2.1 WAR season. WAR seems either unhelpful, or condemning because he has put up a -2.1 WAR over the past 3 calendar years. Before dissecting his Nationals numbers, it seems helpful to look at his 2011 minor league numbers as he worked his way back to the Majors. In 4 different levels of minor leagues, he threw 28.2 innings. He gave up 2 homers, walked just 4, and had a pretty underwhelming 1.52 PE. In 2011 for the Major League club, he had an extremely poor PE of 4.39 and his TR was a pretty mediocre 8.29. The Nationals defense made him look better than he actually was with a low BABIP and difference of over .50 in FIP. I just don't see how Wang is worth any more than minimum salary, and the Nationals' management is proving to be pretty silly with money.

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