Friday, October 21, 2011

Free Agent Watch: Juan Gutierrez

In 4 seasons Juan Gutierrez has put up a -.4 WAR. In 2011, he had a -.6 WAR. Hasn't started a Major League game since 2007 with the Astros. In his Major League career, he has a .59 PE, high for a reliever. His TR is 7.92, pretty low, and at 28 with 4 years of Major League experience, it is hard to expect him to get any better. He also had Tommy John surgery toward the end of the season, meaning it will be at least mid-way through the season before he can return. While housing a career 4.79 ERA, his FIP is 4.28. He is a flyball pitcher who gives up too many homers, and with his health situation, I don't see why anyone would be dying to pick him up.

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