Saturday, October 22, 2011

Toronto picks up Jesse Chavez. Why?

The Toronto Blue Jays picked up pitcher Jesse Chavez off waivers from the Royals. Chavez has not been a good pitcher in the Majors. Playing for 3 teams, he has a -1.5 WAR (he has a negative WAR with all 3 teams). In 2011, he somehow managed to get a -.3 WAR in just 7.2 innings. He has pitched exclusively in relief for in the Majors, and has a 2.87 PE. Opponents have an OPS of .835 off of Chavez (league average is .737). He has an extremely poor TR of 6.49, and gives up more flyballs than groundballs. Over 12% of these flyballs turn into home runs, which is why he gives up 1.59 HR/9IP. In recent years, he has ditched his Splitter and went to a curveball, but one would hope he would develop a sinker to keep the ball down. His splits are really bizarre, as he strikes out righties (as he is right handed) at a much greater clip than lefties, but also gives up more home runs to righties. In fact, righties are hitting .450 on him with a BABIP of .539. His FIP against righties is 8.53 (all of the split stats were from 2011)! I am really not sure why Toronto wanted this guy.

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