Sunday, October 23, 2011

Free Agent Watch: Jeff Fulchino

In 2011, Jeff Fulchino (with the Astros and Padres) had a -.4 WAR. He has a career WAR of -.2, but in 2009 he had a 1.1 WAR. However, even if he returned to 2009 form, he would only be 1/39th of what is needed for a team to make the playoffs. Clearly not worth much as a relief pitcher. The only question is whether it is worth it to bring him in as a minimum wage spring training player. His PE is unimpressive but not terrible at .724. His 4 walks per 9 innings is certainly too high. In his good year in 09, his BABIP was .276, much lower than his career BABIP of over .300. His FIP was around his ERA in 09, suggesting that, for the most part, he actually pitched pretty well in 2009 (in 2011 his FIP was 4.90, not good, but better than his ERA). His career TR is not very good at 7.93, but his career FIP isn't too bad at 4.26, while his XFIP (expected FIP) is at 4.12. IF (!) he can get that kind of production, and avoid injuries (a huge problem for Fulchino), he could be a valuable bullpen arm (if paid minimum wage). He is 31, so one can only see regression in his future, it doesn't make sense to sign this guy long term or anything but there is enough hope to take a chance in my opinion.

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