Monday, October 24, 2011

Arizona Fall League update: Terry Doyle

Terry Doyle has the 2nd best whip in the AFL at .42, and currently leads the League in innings pitched. His ERA is a microscopic 1.08. Part of the White Sox organization (He was a 37th round draft pick), he has a -4.39 PE in the AFL so far. He is getting a groundball-out ratio of 1.69. In 15 starts for the AA team in 2011, Doyle had a .2 PE. Despite being really good in many categories, he doesn't strike out a whole bunch, just over 6 every 9 innings. This number would surely be lower in the Majors. He had high strikeout totals in A ball in 2008 and 2009, but there isn't any evidence that it is translating. His BABIP was .278, he can't expect it to be this low in the majors, meaning he needs to strike out more to keep his good ERA. His FIP was slightly higher than his ERA (3.56-3.24), but not enough for the starts to be fluky. He doesn't walk very many, and he rarely gives up homers (8 in 100 AA innings). If he can keep all this up, he should be ready for big league success within a couple of years. If this ends up being the case, Doyle is a steal at the round the White Sox got him at.

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