Tuesday, October 25, 2011

An undervalued player: Mitch Maier

Mitch Maier is a very undervalued player with the Kansas City Royals. In 2011, he had an amazing 109.43 PPS and lead the league in Pitches Per Plate Appearance (for batters with at least 100 PA) with 4.52. His OBP was .345, (with a pretty unrealistic BABIP: .344, so one would have to prepare for it to be lower). In his career, he has about an average OBP at .332. He has an Under average slugging (.68 PPG is also disappointing), but a good Secondary Average of .284 in 2011 (.215 for his career). His Isolated Slugging is just .093, and Offensive Winning percentage of just under .500. Made just $459,000 in 2011, and isn't a free agent until 2015. According to WASP and the Halladay Standard he is a good deal, and he can be a very valuable part of a lineup, especially in the bottom half. He is ignored mainly because his terrible batting average (.232 in 2011), which means he could be a steal for a team. He is a decent fielder in the outfield (.6 D-WAR), and a flyball hitter who walks more than league average. His OBP is actually slightly better against lefties (he is a lefty) than righties. Even when he gets behind (a .361 OBP when down 0-1), he still gets on base. A former first round pick, I am interested in how much of a chance the Royals give him, or if any other team will try to acquire him.

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