Sunday, October 30, 2011

Chris Leroux the Pirates secret weapon

So far in the Dominican Winter League, Chris Leroux leads the league in ERA, with a .60 in 15 innings as a starter. His WHIP is just .666 and his overall PE is -5.1. In the Majors, he has played with the Marlins and currently with the Pirates. 2011 was the only positive WAR year at .5 in 25 relief innings (-.4 career WAR in 3 years). He was very solid in 2011, with a -1.83 PE (his career PE is a pretty terrible 2.076). He has given up a career OPS of .765, but in 2011 it was just .599. He didn't give up a single home run in 2011 and had an incredible TR of 13.21. To show just how dominant he was in his short time, although his ERA was 2.88, but his FIP was 2.07. He accomplished what he did while giving up a .333 BABIP. One has to expect that to go down, and that will make him an incredible pitcher. It appears that he is Winter Ball to build up strength to be a starter. At 25 innings, his 2011 was certainly a small sample size, but the Pirates obviously saw something and want to try to put him in the rotation. He isn't arbitration eligible until after the 2013 season and won't become a free agent until 2017. Leroux may be a good Pirates pitcher for a large amount of time.

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