Friday, October 21, 2011

World Series Champion Arthur Rhodes

Arthur Rhodes was released by the Texas Rangers earlier in the year, and was signed by Cardinals. No matter who wins the World Series, he gets a ring. The Cardinals are only paying him $100,000. Rhodes has posted a .1 WAR in both Texas and St. Louis. For St. Louis, that is a very nice WASP of 1000. Texas gave him a 3.9 million dollar contract for 2011. On first blush, it would seem that he is a  victim of the home run friendly Ballpark in Arlington. In 18 games in the Ballpark of Arlington, he gave up an OBP of .367, OPS of .992, .326 BABIP, and 4 home runs in the 60 batters he faced. In St.Louis' home park, he is giving up just a .200 BAA. Rhodes certainly wasn't unlucky in Texas though, as his ERA was 4.81 but his FIP was 5.98. It certainly seems like he has been lucky and a beneficiary of good fielding as a Cardinal, as his FIP is pretty putrid at 5.68 (his normal ERA is 4.15), and his BABIP is extremely low at .182. While he gave up 2.22 HR/9IP as a Ranger, he has still given up 2.08 HR/9IP as a Cardinal (he hadn't given up anything close to that since 2004). Rhodes is certainly not the same pitcher he was in 2010 as a Red. Sometimes I guess that it is better to be lucky than good.

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