Saturday, October 29, 2011

Free Agent Watch: Gregg Dobbs

Greg Dobbs is coming off a career high in both Plate Appearances and Total Bases in 2011 (and a career high in grounding into double plays). Dobbs awarded the Marlins by playing like a replacement player, at a 0 WAR. He had a .4 offensive WAR and -.4 D-WAR. In his career, he has a -1.9 WAR, .6 O-WAR, and -2.5 D-WAR. In the past three years, he has a -.8 D-WAR, and a -.367 Overall WAR average. In his career he has a .308 OBP, .713 OPS, .6 PPG, and 3.02 PAPP. His PPS is below average at 88.53, he has an offensive winning percentage of .448, creating just 4.3 runs a game (if the lineup was made up of 9 Greg Dobbs). His BABIP is around average at .304, with a .209 Secondary average, and .143 Isolated Slugging. If this isn't enough to make you ignore Greg Dobbs, then the fact that many metrics suggest he was worse in 2011 than his career norms. Sure, he had a .311 OBP, with a .71 PPG, but his PAPP (3.07) and OPS (.701) were worse. He had a .455 Offensive winning percentage, .168 Secondary Average (which is awful, any kind of imagined "success" was clearly flucky), 88 PPS, and  .114 ISO. Even though his Runs Created per a game was 4, he was somehow lucky, with a .325 BABIP. He is an under average hitter and a terrible fielder. There really isn't anything attractive or good about Greg Dobbs. That he is in the league either shows a complete ignorance of sabermetrics or understanding of basic statistics and what makes a team win by some teams, or devastatingly poor minor league systems by those teams. 

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