Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rangers Prospect Michael Olt

As the Arizona Fall League has gotten underway, one of the best hitters so far has been Michael Olt, a 3rd basemen in the Texas Rangers organization. So far, Olt has walked as much as he has struck out, has an OBP of .550, an OPS of 1.750 and 18 total bases in just 4 games. This is a small sample for sure, but it catches the eye. Olt was a first round pick by the Rangers' in 2010, and played college ball at Connecticut. At UConn, he put together a .401 OBP, and 1013 OPS. This wasn't just a Billy Beane special "he gets on base in college" guy though, he had a 2.59 PPG in his time there. The production he was putting up would get him on anyone's radar. So far, he has only played in different levels of A ball in the minors. So far, he has been very very good with the bat, .386 OPS, 867 OPS, 1.6 PAPP, and 1.53 PPG. While clearly ready for the next level with the bat, he has been terrible in the field, with just a .945 fielding percentage, and 2.62 Range factor. This should be concerning, and the Rangers may think about switching his position, but so far the bat more than makes up for the terrible defense. We will more than likely get to see him at AA this year, and if that goes well, he should be in the Majors in the next couple of years.

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