Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ricardo Nanita: The Blue Jay who won't be brought up

Ricardo Nanita is the leader in OBP early on in the Dominican Winter League, so far his crude Runs Created metric is an amazing 14.46, with a 1.47 ABPP, 2.625 PPG, and 1.448 OPS. It is a small sample for sure. In Nanita's 2011 minor league season, he has an OBP of .378, OPS of .858, 1.33 PPG, and 2.18 ABPP. He has done his time in the minors, already spending 9 seasons in the minors already. In that long, large sample career, he has a .367 OBP (in 142 games in AAA his OBP is .393!), 1.16 PPG, .794 OPS, and 2.64 PAPP. This is a simple WAR of 2.66. He is about an average outfielder fielding wise it seems, so that shouldn't be the reason he is not in the major leagues. He is a slightly above average walker, and as shown above, he has pop (.192 ISO in AAA in 2011). He had a runs created of 139 in AAA in 2011, although with a .376 BABIP it is hard to expect that to continue. Nanita seems to have good numbers and metrics in the minors and winter leagues, why isn't he being brought up?

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  1. Being 30 years old, brought in last year as a minor league soldier pretty much covers it.