Saturday, October 29, 2011

Brandon Wood: Arbitration

The Angels were so sure that Brandon Wood would become a great player. In 173 games with LA (hardly a small sample), he had an OBP of .197. He had a .51 PPG and 4.62 PAPP for the Angels. This is historically bad. So the Angels finally gave up, and the Pirates picked him up. There he had a .277 OBP in 99 games, .64 PPG, and 3.29 PAPP. These numbers are still horrible. It is not hard to figure out why the Pirates collapsed. When you run guys like Brandon Wood out regularly, you aren't going to win. He had a -.6 WAR for the Pirates and a -2.5 WAR with the Angels. His PPS was just 87.8 in Pittsburgh, and he walks an embarrassing low 4.3% of the time. His career BABIP is just .240, which at such a large sample, just shows that he does not hit the ball with any kind of authority. To get a feel of just how bad Brandon Wood is, his offensive winning percentage is just .175. To show just how pathetic that is, a team with a .175 winning percentage would be the worst in history, at 28-134. It doesn't matter how much arbitration gives this guy, it is too much. The Pirates need to let him go.

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