Sunday, October 23, 2011

Free Agent Watch: Edwin Encarnacion

Edwin Encarnacion had a 1 WAR in 2011 with the Blue Jays, worth $3 million according to the Halladay Standard (he made $2.5 million). In the past 3 years, he has averaged a 1.03 WAR. According to WAR, you basically know what your getting. He is a terrible defender, with a -.4 D-WAR in 2011, and a career -6.5 D-WAR. His career offensive statistics look exactly like this: .336 OBP, .789 OPS, 2.74 PAPP, and 1.17 PPG. In 2011: 2.69 PAPP, .334 OBP, .787 OPS, and 1.12 PPG. Obviously 2011 is in the norm for his career. Because he has about an average OBP in his career and an average Pit/PA, his PPS is about average at 92.1. Secondary Average is a little nicer to him at .300, and he has a mediocre .193 ISO. He "creates" about .522 runs a game (an offense of 9 Edwin's would score 5.3 runs and win 54% of its games) and he is a just above average slugger. According to WAR, he is only 1/41th of what is needed to make the playoffs (worth 853,000 to the Royals, 2.2 million to the Rangers, and 2.12 million to the Braves), but he is a solid (if not profoundly average) offensively player that can be stuck toward the bottom of the lineup, and hopefully be kept out of the field.

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