Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Twins Prospect Brian Dozier

In 10 games in the Arizona Fall League, SS Brian Dozier has a .408 OBP, .872 OPS, 1.95 ABPP, and 2.2 PPG. Has a .400 OBP against both lefties and righties, and a over 1.000 OPS against rigthies. In the minors, Dozier has had a .382 OBP, .802 OPS, 1.21 PPG, and a 2.54 PAPP. These are overwhelming statistics, but they are solid for minor league statistics. In AA in 2011, his OBP was over .380 and had an OPS of almost .900. His fielding statistics are less than ideal, and he has been best at 2nd base. In college (Southern Miss.), Dozier had a .426 OBP, .917 OPS, 2 ABPP, and 1.7 PPG. Again, those aren't dominating numbers, but they are very solid. He seems to be sort of a steal in the 8th round of the draft. He appears to be ready (or close to ready) for the Majors, and we know that the Twins need help on the
middle infield.

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