Monday, October 17, 2011

Trevor Kirk, he gets on base

Trevor Kirk was a teammate of Bryce Harper at Southern Nevada, and only Bryce Harper had a better OBP than him on the team in 2010. Along with a .464 OBP, Kirk had a 2.38 PPG, 1002 OPS, and 1.625 ABPP (same as PAPP, except substitute AB instead of PA, because PA wasn't available in stats I found). He then transfered to UNLV and played there in 2011. He wasn't bad there either, with a .391 OBP, 2.2 ABPP, and 1.87 PPG. He is not a power hitter by any means though, with just a .372 Slugging in 2011. However, he scored the most runs in the Mountain West Conference. He was rated the 33rd best hitter in the conference by Baseball Cube, but had a better OBP than 14 of them. A guy who gets on base but doesn't hit for much power is usually undervalued. Depending on what kind of numbers Kirk puts up in 2011, he will probably breeze easily past the first 30 rounds (He was drafted in the 47th round by the Brewers in 09), and would be a cheap, no risk guy who gets on base (if he has the same drop off between A ball and Southern Nevada that Harper did, he would have a decent .358 OBP). It will be interesting to see where he goes.

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