Friday, October 14, 2011

Japanball pitcher Hiroshi Kisanuki

Hiroshi Kisanuki has pitched in Japan for a long time. In his career, he has a -.17 PE, 3 strikeouts for every walk, with 1 HR allowed every 9 innings. Since our Japanball pitching metric does not include BAA, we will calculate 2 PEs, one that does not change his BAA from his Japanball numbers, and another that counts all his extra WHIP as hits. The first PE would be 1.901. For the second PE, we calculate the ratio of his WHIP and BAA by dividing .266 (his BAA in Japan)/1.38 (his WHIP in Japan). Then multiply the answer by 1.466 (his adjusted WHIP according to the metric) to get a BAA of .283. This makes his adjusted metric PE 2.071. At least according to his career numbers, Hiroshi would not be a very good Major League pitcher. In 2011, things are worse: he has a 5.02 ERA, .299 BAA, 1.6 WHIP, 7.35 K/9 (career 8.26 K/9), and a 2.45 K/BB. This is a PE of 2.26. No one needs to put that through the Japanball metric to realize that this is bad.

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