Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jason Knapp

Jason Knapp is a Starting Pitcher in the Cleveland Indians organization that was part of the Cliff Lee trade. He is currently ranked one of the Indians top prospects. He spent 2008-'10 in Rookie and A Ball for the two organizations. He has been exceptional, at a -5.67 PE. He is an extreme strikeout pitcher, in his 4 starts in non-rookie A-ball in 2010, he struckout 42% of batters (16.31 K/9IP). However, in those 4 starts he had a BABIP of .400. He must have had terrible fielding though because his FIP (Fielders' Independent ERA) was 1.26, while his regular ERA was 3.94. This is a trend that Knapp has seen since he has moved to the Cleveland organization, and the Indians should really question the fielding in their farm system. Something Knapp seems to struggle with is leaving runners on base once they get there, only had a 61.9% LOB in those 4 starts. He doesn't allow the long ball though, as he didn't give up any in 2010, and has only allowed 4 through 2008-2010 (150.1 Innings). He has occasionally struggled with walks, but overall has a good K/BB ratio, and he never gave up a BAA of over .226 in A ball. His 2011 season was pretty much wiped with a shoulder injury and surgery. This was obviously a big set back, and while most pitchers recover from surgeries on the shoulder, not all do. This is obviously a very good young pitcher, and one that could be in the majors in the relatively near future, as long as his shoulder recovers.

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