Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Winter League Update: Jerry Sands

Jerry Sands is not looking real good in the Dominican Winter League right now. In 13 games, he has an OBP of just .302 and an OPS of .706. He does have a 1.08 PPG, and an okay 2.61 ABPP. The big thing you notice is that he is suffering from a .242 BABIP. He is walking 9.4% of his At-Bats which isn't bad. In 2011, he split time between the majors and AAA. Since the Dodgers AAA team is in the PCL and not the International League, our metric won't apply to him because the 2 leagues are so different. However, he had a .344 OBP, .931 OPS, 2.11 PPG, and 2.43 PAPP. He was certainty a powerful hitter in AAA, just not crazily efficient, but it still equals a 2.69 WAR (just for fun, according to the International metric, he would have a 1.2 O-WAR, 1.71 PPG, .298 OBP, and 3 PAPP). In the Majors, he had a 0 WAR (.3 O-WAR, -.3 D-WAR) in 227 PA. Despite struggling OBPs in the Winter League and AAA, his OBP in the majors was a .338, with a .727 OPS. He had a .87 PPG, and 2.87 PAPP, numbers that aren't terrible but aren't impressive. He walked 11 percent of the time, with a Secondary Average of .263, and offensive winning percentage of .496. He is an under average home run hitter, and only had an ISO of .136. Because he sees just over 4 pitches per plate appearance, his PPS is pretty good at 97.06. His BABIP was a little high at .319, and if that evens out, then it would hurt Sands' above average 2011 season. When looking at his minor league numbers, it seems probable that his power will develop at the major league level.

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