Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wait. Why did the Diamondbacks resign Willie Bloomquist?

Willie Bloomquist was given a two-year deal worth $3.8 million dollars. Bloomquist had a -.2 WAR in 2011, -.1 WAR in 2010, and .1 WAR in 2009. This hardly warrants the kind of contract the Diamondbacks gave him. In his career, he has a .317 OBP and .654 OPS (those numbers were basically identical in 2011). This means he is below average at getting on base, and a terrible slugger. More basic metrics show this as well with a 2.85 PAPP and .74 PPG. His offensive winning percentage is a measly .384 with a 3.8 Runs Created per game. His Secondary Average is .185 and ISO of just .073. He is a groundball hitter with basically no power. He is also under average at seeing pitches at just a 87.48 PPS. Add to this, he is a bad defender, with a -.8 D-WAR in his career. This really leads us to ask what the hell this is all about. Bloomquist is, at best, a replacement player (WAR suggests he is worse). IF (!) he deserves anything, it is a minor league contract. Instead, the Diamondbacks insist on giving Bloomquist multiple million dollars. I really don't understand this one.

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