Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Athletics prospect: Chih Fang Pan

Chih Fang Pan is a member of the Oakland Athletics and is playing for the Taiwan National Team against Major League players in the "Taiwan Series". 4.23 Range Factor at short (Elvis Andrus has a 1.5 D-WAR in 3 seasons with a Range Factor of about 4.46). Fielding percentage of .901 (Yuniesky Betancourt, a terrible fielder, has a .970 fielding percentage and a range factor of 4.25). Fielding statistics are not always helpful, but all signs pointing to Pan not being a good fielder. However, he does have a .386 OBP in both Rookie ball and A-ball. His OPS is .799, but he only walks 7.4% of the time. He has a PPG of 1.225, and a PAPP of 2.6. None of these numbers are that impressive for A-ball. He is only 20, and certainly could improve, but Baseball Cube rankings only give him a 35 patience, 17 power, and 60 speed.

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