Friday, November 25, 2011

Athletics hire Chili Davis

The Athletics have hired Chili Davis as hitting coach. The Athletics offense has been pretty anemic the past couple of seasons. There is no way to tell if someone will be a good hitting coach or not besides looking at past experiences (and that can be misleading, give me the Yankees and I will look like an excellent hitting coach). However, Chili Davis was just the kind of hitter sabermatricians love. Despite an unimpressive batting average of .274, he had a career .360 OBP and 120 OPS +. He sported a .320 Secondary Average and 5.6 Runs Created per game. He saw a decent amount of pitches at 3.79 Pit/PA, and walked 11.9% of the time. Of course, just because one is good at a craft (and Chili Davis was good at the craft of hitting) doesn't mean he can teach it.

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