Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dumb Dodgers: Juan Rivera

The Dodgers resigned Juan Rivera for 4.5 million dollars for 1 year (with an club option in 2013). Rivera had a -.5 WAR in 2011, as he was -1.2 WAR with the Blue Jays, and .7 with the Dodgers in 246 PA (Would be 1.7 WAR if given 600 PA, worth 5.1 million). In the past 3 years, Rivera has a .6 WAR average, which is worth 1.8 million dollars according to the Halladay Standard. Rivera has just a 3.3 WAR in 11 years, just a .3 WAR average, worth 900,000. In his career, he has a .327 OBP, .776 OPS, 2.81 PAPP, 84.08 PPS, and 1.08 PPG. This is a simple WAR of .64 for his career, and as he averages a -.21 D-WAR per year (his .983 fielding percentage in the outfield is under league average, and his range factor is also less than average. Not only is he an under average fielder, he is below replacement at fielding), he is down to a .43 WAR, which is worth 1.29 million. So already at the outset, the only hope that the Dodgers have is that his short time with LA is not fluky and it bucks the trend of his 11 year career. With the Dodgers, he had a .333 OBP, .740 OPS, 2.82 PAPP, and 1.24 PPG. He had a .299 BABIP versus his career .283 BABIP, which should wipe-out his extra OBP. He had a below average slugging at .406, below average extra base hitting percentage at 7.3%, and below average at hitting home runs too. His Offensive winning percentage was .531 (.483 in his career), but he still didn't have a good Secondary Average at .233 or ISO at .132. Even with the Dodgers, he still kinda sucked. There isn't much to justify this signing. A National League team (with money and ownership problems) gives 4.5 million dollars to a player who is a terrible fielder, average at getting on-base, and average to below average power. Makes tons of sense.

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