Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How we did: Week 10 NFL picks

Big D in bold. I in Italics

Raiders stomp Chargers
Excuse: Wow the Chargers stink. Norv Turner has to be gone, and the questions about Phillip Rivers have to start coming in. That offensive line looked really exposed. 
Cowboys crush Bills
Excuse: Well the Bills can probably be counted out as playoff contenders. The sad thing is that the mediocre Cowboys, with their easy schedule, can make a serious run at the playoffs.

49ers intercept Giants
Excuse: First of all, for some reason on the previous post I said Big D picked the Giants not me, that was a mistake. To quote the esteemed Governor of Texas: "oops". I had confidence in the Giants after they had been playing so well recently. Eli Manning made some really dumb mistakes in this one. The 49ers are really good, and I am going to quit picking against them.
Patriots embarrass Jets
Excuse: After losing two straight by picking the Patriots, they finally come through. Of course, it happened after I picked against them. 
Packers destroy Vikings  

Big D: 2-3, 31-19
I: 1-4, 29-21

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