Thursday, November 10, 2011

Disappointing Yankee Prospect? Melky Mesa

The Prominent Yankee blog, LoHud ranked Melky Mesa as the most disappointing AA player for the Yankees in 2011. The Outfielder had just a .329 OBP, .733 OPS, 1.25 PPG, and 2.95 PAPP for AA Trenton. In his entire 6 year minor league career, Mesa has a .313 OBP, .737 OPS, 2.89 PAPP, and 1.36 PPG. I am not sure where the expectations were. His fielding statistics aren't particularly good either, with a .977 fielding percentage, and a 2.07 range factor. At age 24, he still has some time to develop. For their to be disappointment, there must be expectation, and for their to be expectation, their must be some kind of previous success. With Mesa there really isn't that. His Secondary Average was just .259, and he actually had a very high BABIP at .353. So even with his 2011 AA season being "disappointing", it is actually due for regression. Mesa appears to not be anything more than a decent AA player, at age 24, he could still develop and I am sure that is what both the Yankees and Yankee blogs are banking on, but right now there isn't anything statistically that makes any sense to call 2011 disappointing, you know what you have in Mesa.

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