Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Marlins newest reliever Beau Jones

Beau Jones has signed with the Marlins. As a reliever in AAA Round Rock (PCL), Jones posted a -.353 PE, and an adjusted PE of .507. A reliever with a positive PE is usually pretty poor, and one would assume that his numbers would be even worse in the Majors. In his entire minor league career (mainly as a reliever), his PE is -1.41, with an adjusted PE of -1.52. Those are decent minor league numbers, but they are nothing impressive. He has a pretty good strikeout ratio, striking out over 20 percent of batters faced, but he has given up a bit too many hits and walks. His FIP in AAA in 2011 was a very unimpressive 4.49, and he gave up 1.16 HR/9IP. He is only 25, so he still has a couple more years until he peaks, but there isn't anything impressive about his minor league numbers. The Marlins expect Jones to compete for a position in the bullpen for 2012, but I really don't see how.

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