Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Should the Mets trade David Wright?

2007 was David Wright's best year, when he registered a 7.8 WAR. Since then, he has fallen with a (144 games) 2.5 WAR in 2009, a (157 games) 3.9 WAR in 2010, and a (102 games) 1.4 WAR in 2011. He made 14.25 million in 2011, putting his WASP at 10179 WASP, which is horrible. He is a horrible defender, with a -5.6 D-WAR for his career, and a -1.2 D-WAR in 2011. He has a below average fielding percentage and an about average Range Factor. In his career, he has a .380 OBP, .887 OPS, 2.31 PAPP, and 1.59 PPG. He sees 3.99 Pit/PA, has a .668 Offensive Winning Percentage, and 7.1 Runs Created Per Game. He does this by getting a .340 BABIP, .222 ISO and .362 Secondary Average. He has been an above average power hitter, above average slugger, as well as an above average walker. In 2007, he had a .356 BABIP that helped him get a .416 OBP, .963 OPS, 2.04 PAPP, and 1.775 PPG. He had an ISO of .208, a .425 Secondary Average, and saw 3.98 Pit/PA. All this got him a mind boggling 9 Runs Created Per a Game Metric, and a .742 Offensive Winning Percentage. In 2011, the numbers were less impressive. He had a .345 OBP, .172 ISO, .334 Secondary Average and .602 Offensive Winning Percentage. These numbers are all good, as well as his 2.54 PAPP, and 1.45 PPG. His BABIP fell to .302, as did his Runs Created per Game at 5.6. David Wright is still a good offensive player. Every team would love to have 2011 David Wright in their lineup. However, not with his salary and not with his defense. This would certainly point to the obvious choice of the Mets trading Wright. There is something to consider though. Wright could return to his 2007, or even career self. If this happens, even with his gigantic salary, he would be worth it. So are the injuries Wright has suffered hampered his future performance so he will never be the same? Or are the injuries going to be something that continues? Or will he return to his old form? This is the question the Mets will have to think long and hard about. It would be hard to critique them going either way.

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