Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ryan Spilborghs: Arbitration

The Colorado Rockies' Ryan Spilborghs has a -1.2 WAR in 7 year career, with a -1.8 WAR in 2011. He did that while making nearly 2 million dollars. His career O-WAR is 1.8, while his D-WAR is -3.0. For his career, he has a .345 OBP, .768 OPS, 2.72 PAPP, and .83 PPG. In 2011, his numbers weren't near as good, he had a .283 OBP, .588 OPS, 3.48 PAPP, and .5 PPG. Why exactly was 2011 so bad? His BABIP absolutely killed him at .260 in 2011, compared to his career .319. However, there is a larger story than just BABIP luck. He hit way more groundballs than usual at a 1.34 GB/FB ratio. His ISO was also down drastically at .095, because he hit way less extra base hits than usual at 5.8% and homered just 1.4%. This makes you think that his bad BABIP was earned, and something is clearly not right for Spilborghs. He hit just 16% line-drives instead of his normal 20%. The most steady offensive statistic did stay steady, as his Pitches per plate appearance was 3.95 compared to his 3.97 career number. This is above league average and even with his terrible OBP, he still had a 91.22 PPS (he has a 96.11 PPS for his career). That is decent, but not overwhelming or good enough to make you ignore other numbers. Spolborghs simply was not the same player in 2011 as he had been in other years, and was one of the worst players in the league. At 32, it could be that his skills are just diminishing. With a salary that is going to be at least 2 million dollars, the Rockies have to see if they can move one would think, but there may not be anyone who wants him.

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