Monday, November 7, 2011

Miguel Montero: Arbitration

Miguel Montero is coming off a career year in which he registered a 4.5 WAR, which would be worth 13.5 million according to the Halladay Standard. Over the past 3 years, he has averaged a 2.4 WAR, worth 7.2 million dollars. In 2011, he had a .351 OBP, .820 OPS, and 1.21 PPG. Even though he is a catcher, he played in 140 games in 2011. In his career, he has a .338 OBP, .789 OPS, and 1.02 PPG. So while 2011 was above his career norms, they weren't crazy or abnormal. His BABIP reflects this as well, as in 2011 it was .317, and .306 in his career. This means that overall you can't expect the year he had in 2011, but he is still a good hitter, especially for a catcher. His Secondary Average is .273, and his ISO is .179. He brings a .558 Offensive Winning Percentage to the table, and walks about league average. He has a 92.48 PPS, is a flyball hitter, and an above average power hitter. He is an under average catcher, but his offense more than makes up for it. He made 3.2 million dollars in 2011, which is obviously quite a deal for the Diamondbacks. Of course, it all depends on exactly how much he will make in arbitration, but more than likely there is no reason to move him.

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