Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Free Agent Watch: Ryan Doumit

Ryan Doumit has a .43 WAR average in the past 3 years, and had a 1.2 WAR in 2011. -2.7 Career D-WAR. Reports are that he turned down a 3 million dollar deal from the Dodgers. According to his WAR average, this deal would actually have made Doumit overpaid. In 2011, Doumit had a .353 OBP, 1.889 O4S, and OPS + of 128. However, his Secondary Average and ISO were not impressive at .243 and .172 respectively. He also received the benefit of a .331 BABIP, much higher than his .304 career BABIP. This calls into question the validity of his 6.1 Runs Created per Game and .641 offensive winning percentage. He homered over average at 3.4% but walked well below average at 6.8%. He saw 3.88 Pit/PA, which is strange, because overall in his career he has seen less than average at 3.71 Pit/PA. This made his PPS a solid 94.49. For his career, Doumit has been much more inconsistent as he has a .334 OBP, 106 OPS +, and 1.778 O4S. These aren't exactly amazing, and he can't play catcher any better than any random baseball player could. He is an above average offensive player, with a 5 runs created per game metric, and an offensive winning percentage of .523, but with no position, the value of those numbers goes down. It appears Doumit believes he should get more than 3 million dollars, but I sure wouldn't give it to him.

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