Monday, December 12, 2011

The Royals and Pirates trade minor leaguers

The Royals traded Yamaico Navarro for Brooks Pounders and Diego Goris from the Pirates

Navarro has just 112 Plate Appearances in the Majors. That makes his AAA sample, 309 PA, more reliable. In AAA, he has a .343 OBP, .797 OPS, 1.2 PPG, and 2.73 PAPP. Through the AAA metric, this is a .297 OBP, .705 OPS, .8 PPG, and 3.3 PAPP. This is a Simple WAR (which measures purely offense) of -1.39. Defensively, he has played mainly at shortstop, but is pretty bad there according to both Range Factor and Fielding Percentage.

Pounders is a pitcher (which is unfortunate because of his name, he should be a hitter) who has never pitched above A ball. Mostly as a reliever, he has a -.81 PE. Not bad, but not overly impressive. He very rarely walks anyone as a 2.7 BB/9IP, but gives up a homer every 9 innings.

Goris has stayed in rookie ball for 4 seasons, which is weird, but he has a career .338 OBP and .756 OPS. However, he improved in 2011, getting a .387 OBP and .898 OPS. So he has gotten better, but he doesn't walk much and is still way off.

The trade of awesome names is a trade of not very consequential players. However, we basically know who Navarro is, while Pounders and Goris may have some promise ahead of them. I give the Royals the slight edge.

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