Saturday, December 3, 2011

Jeff Mathis for Brad Mills, The Toronto and Angel trade

I have already looked at Jeff Mathis and his value on this blog (in short, he is terrible at baseball, both defensively and offensively), so I will basically use this post as an evaluation of Brad Mills, the new Angels pitcher.

In parts of 3 seasons (but just 14 appearances and 9 starts) Mills has a -1.4 WAR. He has an awful 4.9 PE and a 2.33 Adjusted PE. He has an awful TR of 2.79. I am not sure I have seen a TR that low. His SIERA is 4.83, which is bad, but not as bad as a lot of his other numbers. He gives up almost 2 homers every 9 innings, and has a FIP - of 142. He has struggled with a .331 BABIP though. This obviously isn't a large sample size, so we should check out his AAA numbers. He has made 58 AAA starts in the PCL, and had a .503 PE with a slightly better FIP than ERA. Once adjusted for the difference in ERA between the PCL and International League, Mills PE is a -.597. According to the AAA metric, he has an expected Major League PE of 1.933 PE, which is serviceable, but by no means good. I guess he would replace Tyler Chatwood, who was just sent to the Rockies.

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