Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How we did: Week 16 NFL Picks

Big D in Bold. I in Italics
Colts shock Texans
Excuse: The Texans look pretty bad now, the Yates magic is going away, they miss Andre Johnson, and are becoming one dimensional. The Colts are starting to look better, Dan Orlovsky is playing good enough, and is an easy upgrade over Painter.

Giants dismantle Jets
Excuse: Jets defense looked very vulnerable up the middle. This is not the 2011 or 2010 Jets.

Bills destroy Broncos
Excuse: I have been on the side that doesn't believe Tebow is a quality quarterback (30th best in the league according to ESPN's QBR), and this week he gave the Broncos no chance to win, even against the terrible Bills. The special teams was awful, even though the defense didn't play terrible.

Eagles bruise Cowboys
Packers roll over Bears
Saints break records against Falcons

Big D: 2-4, 55-34 overall
I: 3-3, 55-34 overall

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