Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How we did: Week 13 NFL Picks

Big D in Bold, I in Italics

Seahawks intercept Eagles
Excuse: (I know I have been forgetting to put this part lately). I really need to stop picking the Eagles. What dumb GM thought it would be smart to have such terrible safeties, offensive line, and linebackers. Vince Young is proving to not even be a serviceable NFL backup.

Texans shut down Falcons 
Excuse: I really thought the Texans offense would be horrible, and it was, but their defense made Matt Ryan (who is overrated anyway) look like Blaine Gabbert (okay that's still probably not true). Great job by the front office to improve the secondary and getting Wade Phillips as D-coordinator.

Steelers dismantle Bengals
Cardinals outsmart Cowboys
Excuse: Jason Garrett went to Princeton right? Just making sure. Also, when you win a bunch of close games, the percentages show that you will eventually lose a bunch of close games. The Cowboys are who we thought they were. 
Saints stomp Lions
Chargers destroy Jaguars

Big D: 3-3, 46-24 overall
I: 3-3, 43-27 overall

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