Monday, December 12, 2011

Dana Eveland trade

The Dodgers traded Dana Eveland to the Orioles for Jarret Martin and Tyler Henson.

Eveland had a .6 WAR in 2011, but had a WAR average of -.17 over the past 3 years and a -1.1 WAR for his career (360 innings). As both a starter and a reliever, he has a PE of 4.23 for his career, with an adjusted PE of 3.09. His career SIERA is 4.79 and his TR is equally unimpressive at 7.4. His FIP - is 104, further cementing him as below average, although it is worth noting that Fangraphs has his WAR at 3.9 for his career, which I can't really figure out.

Tyler Henson has 123 games in AAA, and has a .313 OBP, .634 OPS, 3.13 PAPP, and .84 PPG. So he is a below replacement AAA player with no real defensive position.

Jarret Martin has never pitched above A ball, and has a career -.174 PE, mainly as a starter. Although this is in A ball, he has the most potential to do anything positive in the Majors out of the 3 it seems. So for this mostly inconsequential trade, I will give the Dodgers the slight edge.

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