Monday, December 5, 2011

The Rockies claim Jamie Hoffman

The Colorado Rockies have claimed Jamie Hoffman off waivers from the Dodgers. His Major League statistics are worthless, since he has played in just 14 games. However, he has played 344 PCL AAA games. There he has a .363 OBP, .822 OPS, 1.49 PPG, and 2.55 PAPP. He has a .270 Secondary Average, .159 ISO, and 1.935 O4S. These numbers are really anything special, especially when it is factored in that this is the PCL. When converted to the International League, his numbers are changed into: .333 OBP, .744 OPS, 1.19 PPG, and 2.8 PAPP. This adds up to a simple WAR of .83, hardly impressive. When converted to the Major Leagues, it is just a .287 OBP, .652 OPS, .79 PPG, and 3.37 PAPP. This is well below replacement level. Defensively, he is also poor with a well below average Range Factor and below average fielding percentage in the outfield. There is nothing to see here, move along.

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