Monday, December 5, 2011

Evaluating the Dodgers' signing of Jerry Hairston

The Dodgers have given Jerry Hairston a 2 year 6 million dollar deal. Hairston has a .7 WAR average over the past 3 years. This is worth 2.1 million dollars a year, and even less for the Dodgers who are supposed to be cutting payroll soon (one wouldn't know by their recent spending spree on bad players). On offense, Hairston has a .326 OBP, 86 OPS +, 1.675 O4S, and .219 Secondary Average. None of those are impressive, but isn't horrible. Numbers that are pretty bad are a .430 Offensive Winning percentage and .113 Isolated Slugging. He is an under average walker and hits much less homers and extra base hits than league average, but his PPS is just above average at 91.89. In 2011, despite having the 3rd best BABIP in his long career (for his career, he has a .282 BABIP, suggesting that he doesn't hit the ball hard), he had just a .344 OBP, 99 OPS +, and .214 Secondary Average. The Dodgers have to most likely expect worse numbers. That hardly seems worth 3 million dollars. His defense doesn't really redeem him either, as he has had a -.4 D-WAR in the past 3 years. His versatility is very overrated, because every position he played last season (after being traded to the Brewers) was played under average, besides Center Field. I am just not getting what the Dodgers are doing, and it is more apparent every day that they pulled the plug on Paul DePodesta too quickly.

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