Wednesday, February 20, 2013

LA Tech Scouting Reports

No need for an introduction:

Richie Navali is a big looking righty that tries to hide the ball in his delivery (6-2 220 junior out of junior college). He throws in the mid-80s up to 87 MPH. He throws a change in the mid to high 70s that he threw to both sides of the plate. Navali also threw an infrequent curve in the low 70s that he didn't command well most of the time. He seemed to be keep the ball low, with some occasional high heat, but was hittable. He also missed low a lot.
Adam Derouen is a sidearm/ 3/4ths righty with a 85-87 MPH fastball and a 75 MPH changeup. He gave up a lot of contact, and the release point is really friendly for lefties.

Sam Alvis is a lefty that looks small and has a 84-88 MPH fastball. he has a bit of a high leg kick but fairly normal delivery. He also has a 72 MPH curveball. As an outfielder, he was very mediocre last season with the bat. As a pitcher, he had just 16 appearances, and was okay, with twice as many strikeouts as walks.

Taylor Burch is a centerfielder that is sort of lanky but has nice size overall. He showed off nice range on defense, but hit towards the bottom of the order and was pinch hit for. He has a crouched batting stance with low hands. He really struggled at the plate in 2012, and only stole 2 bases.

Cody Johnson replaced Birch in centerfield, and bats left. He also pitches, but is pretty small. At the plate, he really struggled with the curveball and didn't appear to have very good plate discipline. Jacob Derouen Dh'd and looked slow. At 6-0 205, he is already filled out. He has a pull swing, but took pitches well though and used both fields.

Bre-Shon Kimbell looks well build, but doesn't have a lot of athleticism and is not a plus runner. He controlled the bat pretty well and looked like he had good bat speed. His plate discipline was inconsistent, good at times, but he also had a horrible swing on an inside fastball and was eaten up by breaking balls in another at-bat. In right-field, he made a really poor play and the arm is not very strong. The sophomore was drafted in the 28th round by the Brewers out of high school and had an okay year as a freshman, with not a ton of power or speed, but a not embarrassing OPS.

Catcher Tyler Qualls looked very small, but turned on the ball pretty quick at the plate. Behind the plate, the blocking questions weren't very surprising, but his arm seemed questionable as well. Just looking at his numbers, he is a high contact/low walk player at the plate, and had a decent year last year.

Tyler Ervine is a first baseman that I saw in Weatherford last year. He didn't have good range or athleticism at first, even though he is tall, but he could get a little bigger by filling out. He stung a pitch really well at the plate, but he chased several pitches though.

Ryan Jones' swing was not very pretty. The team let him play in just one game last year out of junior college. Kody Neel is an outfielder that ran 4.41 to first. The senior had a 28/6 K/BB as a junior. Taylor Love didn't show much at the plate, but did show good defense at short. He is just a freshman.

Dakota Doss is a right-handed senior sidearmer that throws in the low 80s and high 70s. He throws a slurvy thing in the high 60s to low 70s. The pitch breaks away and down and doesn't have much command of it. Doss was an absolute disaster in 14 outings last season.

Luke Giddins is a good sized lefty with a pretty standard delivery except a little bit of a back tilt.. He had some real release point problems though. He didn't have good fastball velocity and couldn't control his curve.

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