Monday, February 18, 2013

Dallas Baptist Scouting Report (2013)

I watched Dallas Baptist twice last year, but in 2013, I saw them on opening weekend against Creighton.

I saw Cy Sneed last year, and he started when I watched DBU on Friday. The now Sophomore has MLB Size, probably why he was drafted in the 35th round by the Rangers out of high school. He is such an imposing figure on the mound and has a slow delivery that has a lot to it, as he brings his hands over his hand and brings his leg up to almost his hands and straightens it out, almost like a delivery you would see in the Far East.

There are significant changes in his delivery with runners on, and his command really suffered. He would tend to "open up" and miss badly arm side.

I don't use the scouting scale very often and think projecting control is a little silly, but you could possibly say he has 3 command currently, with the potential for 5 command. He located really well at times with no runners on, so he may even have 4 command with no runners on, but 2.5 command with no runners on. He locates a lot of his fastballs down, and it is no surprise he gets on top of the ball well. He was able to blow a few by hitters, but his curveball still looks very raw. However, when he located it well, it was a pretty solid pitch. He throws it a lot, and he seemed to only have two pitches.

Ronnie Mitchell ran a 7:78 on a double, but didn't show off much of an arm in right-field. He adjusted to a high pitch well, and has some raw power, but he chased curves, and the swing is so long that I just don't think it is workable in games as there is just too much movement and uppercut.

Centerfielder Boomer Collins ran about a 7.85 on a double. He was pitched away, and was very passive at the plate until he had two strikes. He had a good range factor in center, and hit for power, average, with a good K/BB and had 15 steals in 18 attempts. Statistically he is impressive, I just didn't see it on Friday night.

Duncan McAlpine is coming off a low average, okay power, and good BB season. The senior has an extreme crouch and extreme uppercut at the plate, which leads to a lot of infield fly-balls. He is another guy that has some raw pop, but swing and pitch recognition makes it unlikely that would play against better competition. Behind the plate, I remember that pitch blocking was a problem last time. He did show a solid arm and was quick at getting rid of the ball on throws.

Jaime Garrido is a senior infielder that hit at the bottom of the order. Last year, he only played about half the time, but was solid when he did play. He wasn't bad defensively, but clearly had more range to his right than his left.

RJ Talamantes is a junior shortstop that was also a reserve last year, and had just one less HBP than walks. He is listed at just 5-6 157, and there is some thought that he is 5-5. Defensively, I thought he was a below average fielder in all, and his arm wasn't very strong, but he made all the routine plays. It looks like he has decent but not plus speed. Obviously, he has no power, but he batted lead-off (though I saw they put him in the 9 hole that Sunday)  and took a lot of pitches, and showed some potential to hit some line drives.

Mike Wesolowski is a junior that has a long swing and was clearly trying to pull. This caused a lot of swing and miss, though he did run well. KJ Alexander is a catcher that they stuck out in left-field. Not only did he fail to show much range, he dropped two very routine balls. He was clearly in for his bat, as the ball came off it pretty well and he mostly made pitchers throw strikes. As a reserve last year, he didn't hit very well. Justin Wall is a slow bad body redshirt freshman that showed some power potential and not a bad swing. Chane Lynch is a first baseman that has some potential to fill out more. He ran a 4.39 to first as a left-handed hitter. There is a lot to his swing, especially on pitches thrown low.

Aaron Gilbreath is a big lefty senior that comes with a 3/4th delivery. At 6-2, he is probably already filled out, and he is not overpowering, and keeps the ball low with what looks like a sinker. He threw a breaking ball that sweeps away from lefties and a change that stayed arm side. He also broke out a 12-6 curve but didn't command it. I initially thought he was a left-handed specialist, but he started a couple of games last year and pitched in a long relief role.

Michael Smith is a 5th year senior that had a solid year last year last year and was used as a closer. His arm comes across his body in his delivery and varied his stride. His control was awful, and he had no feel for his curveball. His fastball was not overpowering and he wanted it low. 

Paul Voelker is a short sophomore right-handed pitcher with a strange rocking delivery that seems to help him throw over the top. This may serve as a helpful device to give him a downward plane on the ball. He seems to have a decent, but flat, fastball but had problems commanding it. He was pretty hittable and was predictable, not showing a breaking ball other than an occasional change that didn't look bad and had two way break.

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