Monday, February 25, 2013

Hebron High School Scouting Report

Here are my notes on Hebron High School's baseball team. It is a team with a lot of seniors, but they weren't very competitive with Arlington Martin.

David Pope is a 6-1 lanky senior pitcher with a clear 3/4 arm action. He gets on top of the ball pretty well and has a deceptive leg kick, that probably doesn't help his delivery repetition

He throws about 78 MPH on his fastball, with a 72 MPH off-speed pitch, and a very floaty curve he can throw for strikes, but stays high.

Jeremiah Skiba is a small (5-10 160) right-handed senior pitcher that really falls off the mound. I don't see how he can repeat that delivery. He is a soft tosser that throws a ton of breaking balls, mainly what looks like a curveball.

Jimmy Gallarda has decent size on the mound, though he may be a little short, but has broad shoulders and brings his leg way up.. He gets some decent downward movement on the ball and was throwing 81-83 MPH, touching 85. He took something off, in which I guess is a change, at about 78-79 MPH. 

Blake West is a really small (5-7 150) senior that has some chase in his game, but he is a good runner. Christian Valderrama is a small right-fielder that really struggled defensively and had an unimpressive swing. He weighs just 155, but according to the roster, he also pitches. Ross Lowe is a good blocker behind the plate with some athleticism. His arm didn't look strong, and he didn't have a good swing.Travis Stone hit a ball to the wall to the opposite field, even when he didn't have the platoon advantage. I thought that was notable for the shortstop.

Todd Wurzback is a really tall and lanky looked 3rd baseman. He made a nice play out there, and though he doesn't have soft hands, he has a good arm. He bats left-handed, but was really slow. Michael Kister is a decent size senior (listed at 6 feet) outfielder that ran a 4.41 to first. Drew Roth ran a 4.53 to first base as a right-handed hitter. The junior has good size (6-1), but will really have to hit.

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