Thursday, February 28, 2013

Scouting Reports on UCLA

Here are my scouting reports on UCLA's baseball team, I wrote a separate article on Adam Plutko, who was a 6th round pick in 2010 out of high school, here.

Eric Filla is a stocky looking (listed at 6-0 180, but looked heavier) leadoff left-handed hitter is a below average runner. He is a sophomore, but I can't find any evidence he played last year (and he didn't appear to be in junior college either).

Kevin Kramer was picked in the 25th round by the Indians in 2011, but he really struggled at 3rd. Has a little bit of a longated swing that caused him to be hurt by fastballs. He played quite a bit as a freshman in 2012, but didn't play particularly well.

Pat Valakia is a junior that didn't do much offensively last year, but he pulled a low pitch really well, and also hit one to center. He has good range at short with a really easy arm. I would expect his numbers to be better this year, as I liked what he did at the plate, but he will really need to be good with his glove to have a professional career.

Cody Regis was the DH, which is a little odd considering the year he had last year, where he had a decent K/BB (a lot of strikeouts and a lot of walks), but hit for no power. He is a bit stocky (listed at a large 6-2 235) and was fooled on breaking pitches in the game. His swing looks slow, so I don't think he is a prospect (not much power, evidently doesn't play defense, has a lot of other issues at the plate)

Shane Zelle is a small looking sophomore catcher (6-1 188 is nothing to sneeze at though). He has a strong arm but also had a couple of bizarrely bad throws that didn't make it past the pitchers mound (I am guessing there is something wrong mechanically with his delivery). He tried to block balls with his glove and not his body. He has a pretty upright stance at the plate shortens up his swing and made good contact on a low pitch.

Ty Moore is a freshman outfielder that looked really raw offensively. He has a big uppercut hack and was eaten up on low pitches. He bats left, and already has good size, but it is hard for him to really reach any kind of potential without major overhauls at the plate.

Brian Carroll seems to be an above average runner. The small junior plays center, but the arm is below average. At the plate, he has a pretty flat swing. He hasn't played a lot, at least not in his first two years at UCLA, and it isn't surprising no real power has come from him. He really needs to hit for a high average and steal some bases to go along with solid defense to be valuable.

Trent Chatterson is a freshman 2nd baseman that showed some pop despite hitting at the bottom of the order. He gets under the ball too much and may cheat for power he doesn't necessarily have. Depending on how he adjusts at the plate, he may be a guy to watch over the next couple of years.

Ryan Deeter is a (redshirt) junior that has a violent jerky over the top delivery, with a 90-93 MPH fastball that he seemed to be able to keep low. He also has a 78-80 MPH breaking ball that he struggled to command. He was absolutely dominant statistically last year, but was undrafted despite being eligible.

David Berg is a sophomore sidearming righty throwing 81-83 MPH with some sink or drop. 75 MPH sweeping breaking ball.

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