Saturday, February 9, 2013

Midland College Scouting Report

I saw Midland College play on February 8th 2013:

Jake Bateman is a 6-2 211 right-handed pitcher that started for Midland. The Sophomore from Dallas that was dominant in 2012, giving up just 12 runs in 52 innings. However, he struck out less than a guy per 2 innings. The Texas Tech commit has the decent size, but comes with a high sidearm delivery, sitting in the low 80s (83 MPH seemed to be the average). Here is some video of him facing Hunter Lockwood, the catcher from Weatherford College (who I timed at 4.31 running to first later in the game):

Most of the scouts put away their guns when Bateman started to pitch, especially after the first couple of readings. The delivery has to be a little hard for right-handed batters to pick up. His fastball has a little bit of sink, but stayed high a lot. He tended to pitch inside to righties. He faced a very right-handed heavy lineup, and held them reasonably well until he gave up a 2 run homer to Trooper Reynolds in the bottom of the 6th. He still gave up less than a hit per inning in the game, and last year as a freshman. He also throws a changeup that slides both ways to get outside to righties. At 73 MPH, this is what he threw to the few lefties he had to face.

Jared Robinson is a right-handed pitcher that is listed at 6 feet, and looked very short. There is a lot to his delivery, as he brings his hands to his crotch, then raises them up, and then has a high leg kick. He obviously gets rid of this when runners are on. When runners are on, that is delivery is easy and clean, but it is quite a dramatic change. He struggled to throw strikes when runners were on.

He showed a good curve that he spiked a lot, it didn't have a lot of loop or velo, but he located and hides it well. He located a few fastballs well down in the zone and sat in the mid 80s. He throws an okay curve that has decent dip but he slows his arm speed down. He doesn't have a MLB profile, but he absolutely dominated. He threw just 8.2 innings last year as a freshman.

Joel Atkinson played short, but the Sophomore didn't show great range or speed and didn't have very soft hands. He is small, listed at 5-8 153 pounds. He originally signed to play baseball at Oklahoma State, but is now committed to Northwestern State. He had a below average range factor in 2012, but had a decent OBP (thanks to nearly as many HBPs as walks).

Blair Beck is a Midland native, and the 6-1 190 Sophomore doesn't have raw power, but has line drive abilities. I wish he didn't dip his hips, and he has a hitch in his swing, but the swing itself is solid and he stayed in on curves well. He originally was going to Texas Tech, but never played there and really struggled at the plate in 2012 for Midland.

2nd baseman Matt Reyes showed some good contact skills and a decent eye. Another Midland native, the sophomore is relatively small, and definitely has a slap swing. He was a little late on some fastballs, but showed a little bit of potential gap power. Perfect Game timed him at 6.64 in the 60, noting his speed and flat bat in swing. He put together an OBP over .400, mainly thanks to his high batting average, and he had a good range factor as well at 2nd.

Tyler Barlow has a squared stance, and it takes his bat a little while to get going. He is listed as a catcher, so it isn't a surprise that he is slow. However, he played 3rd base in the game, and obviously has a good arm and showed some decent athleticism. At the plate, he had some problems with the curveball. The Canadian didn't post MLB type pop times for Perfect Game, but overall they seemed to like his defense. They also noted he had good bat speed and a good swing.

Chris Shaw clubbed a ball to the wall, and showed some decent speed and athleticism. The Freshman from Canada is listed as a catcher, but I believe he DH'ed. He is not the Chris Shaw drafted by the Mets that went to Boston College.

Hunter Redman was the actual catcher, and he showed off a decent arm back there. He is small (5-11 188), but the Sophomore is athletic behind the plate. He has signed to play with Texas Tech, where his brother has played.

Corner outfielder Ethan Kohnle really stung a ball and showed off a good swing with solid contact. Not really build like a middle infielder, the left-handed hitter, right handed thrower really struggled with breaking balls. He didn't walk much as a freshman, but had a decent offensive season anyway.

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