Monday, February 18, 2013

Creighton University Scouting Report

Creighton University had an impressive weekend in Dallas against DBU (their scouting report is coming later), sweeping them to start the season behind an impressive offensive performance. I saw them on Friday night:

Nick Musec, a senior right-handed starter that is slightly undersized at 6-2 195. He looked smaller, especially lankier, than his listed weight. He had problems repeating his delivery, but he gets on top of the ball pretty well. The fastball was getting torched and it was pretty straight. He threw a lot of mediocre changes and sprinkled in an occasional curve. He had decent command, but it really faded as the game went along. He had some very binary tendencies, as the fastball was nearly always middle to high, a change he threw middle to low, and a curve he threw in the dirt. Although, a couple later in the outing were thrown in the lower part of the zone. He has thrown just 58 innings in the previous 3 seasons.

Bryan Sova is a right-handed sidearmer that basically threw just drop down changeups. The 5-11 junior spent the last two seasons in junior college.

Alex Staehely is a senior shortstop that really struggled with breaking balls. He has a somewhat flat swing, and is definitely aggressive at the plate and has a career 44/122 BB/K rate in college with just 9 homers in 614 plate appearances (just 1 in a horrible season as a junior). He ran 4.28 to first and has just 13 steals in his career. He has good actions in the field defensively, but his arm was inaccurate.

Mike Gerber is a junior outfielder that was picked in the 40th round out of high school by the Yankees. He showed good plate discipline and appeared to be a slightly above average runner. He has a ground-ball swing, but he used the opposite field. His K/BB is unimpressive, and he doesn't have a lot of steals or homers so far.

Brad Mckewon is a left-fielder that is also a lead-off hitter. He seemed he took a lot of pitches, and I got 4.13 to first. Mckewon has hit for virtually no power over the last two season. This corner outfielder profile is becoming more common, but Mckewon has not really hit for average or walked a lot either.

Jake Peter played 2nd and is an average to tick under average runner. He made good contact, but the bat may be a little slow and he is really aggressive as well. He has an other way approach and doesn't seem to want to pull the ball.

Federico Castagnini is a junior out of Junior College that plays 3rd base. He has a quick bat, and makes good contact, but also tended to go the other way. He ran about 4.41 to first, and may slow down even more as he fills out a little more. Jordan Makovicka is a senior outfielder that also has an other way approach, lacking plus power.

Kevin Lamb is a sophomore catcher that is obviously slow, and his swing is not ideal. He seemed like he was a good receiver and pitch framer, along with a good blocker. His swing is pretty quick, but he had plate discipline issues.

Brennan Murphy is a left-handed hitting right-fielder that has corner size. The senior has a lazy batting stance and keeps his hands low. There doesn't appear to be a lot of power there.

Freshman Reagan Fowler was not a great fielder at 1st base, and is not a very good runner. However he has really big size, listed at 6-3 220. He hit a hard liner, but was burned on fastballs and impatient at the plate. That may have been why he was redshirted in 2012. 

Mark Winkleman is a senior lefty 3/4ths reliever with a little bit of a leg kick and back turn to his delivery. He doesn't have a big stride and he was not throwing very hard. It looks like he throws quite a bit of changeups. In 127 career innings, almost all in the bullpen, he has a 3.98 FIP.

Nick Highberger is an undersized freshman right-hander. His fastball looked better than you would stereotypically expect, but he was still not overpowering, even at this level. It was flat and didn't have a downward plane and stayed middle hight for the most part. He was fastball heavy, but he threw what looked like a change and got a couple of good whiffs with it. He had pretty solid command, although he didn't always repeat his delivery.

Will Bamesberger is a scrawny left-handed freshman with an awkward landing point and overall leg motion. He has a 3/4ths arm action with some soft breaking pitches that looks like separate curve/slider, with mainly vertical but some horizontal movement. Even located low his fastball isn't very good, but if he commands it, which the delivery may be a question, he can get lefties out. He keeps the ball low enough to get grounders.

Max Ising is another undersized righty out of Junior College (now a Junior). He comes more of the top and has a quick delivery. He lect the ball up and his breaking ball was not impressive but had a little two way movement and threw it frequently for strikes.

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