Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Baylor Baseball Scouting Report (2013)

I saw Baylor last year and wrote about them here.

Max Garner is a right-handed senior pitcher with solid size and an arm angle that is over the top but does come out as well (I guess you could call it a 3/4 delivery, though it didn't really seem like one). He was 87-90, mostly 88-89 MPH, with some sink, with a 81-83 MPH arm side change, and a 73-77 MPH breaking pitch that got down to 72 MPH. He had to face a lot of lefties, and was pretty hittable. Either his pitches broke arm side (it was a little tough to tell break from my angle) or he was consciously trying to pitch arm side, that is, away from lefties. He can get some good low break on his fastball/sinker, but his arm speed seemed to slow down a little bit on his off-speed pitches.

Starting is actually relatively new to Garner, as he didn't make any starts in his first 2 seasons at Baylor, and made just 6 in 2012, working mostly out of the bullpen.

Josh Michaelec is a right-handed pitcher with a true over the top delivery that seemed to help him get on top of the ball. He threw 88-91 MPH, but got down to 86 MPH and really lost velocity with runners on. He threw a 82-84 MPH breaking ball that he could bury, and got down to 77. He threw just 3 innings last season.

Crayton Bare is a small looking (5-11 185) senior lefty that was throwing just 81-83 MPH. There was nothing really deceptive about his delivery, so it is hard to see how he lives with that velocity. He also throws a 73-76 MPH curve that has some horizontal break along with some good downward break.The very below average stuff has worked out for Bare, as even though the first two years of his career was pretty nondescript, he was quite good in a small sample size last season.

Logan Brown played centerfield, and some had good reads to go along with athleticism. At the plate, he is a slash/dash and speed player. He didn't play a whole lot last year, but stole a few bases and hit for no power and didn't hardly walk.

Jake Miller is a shortstop that has good contact skills but will he chase. A tall, skinny player, he may grow out of the position, but he is good there now and has a good arm. He was a starter last year and had a disastrous 58/10 K/BB. He hit just one homer and stole just 3 bases as well. Especially if he moves off shortstop, I don't really see a skill set that will play at any higher level. 

Nate Goodwin is a junior catcher that has a hitch in his swing with bat speed that doesn't appear to be particularly quick. Thanks to Josh Ludy and Nathan Orf, he didn't play very much in 2012.

DH Mitch Price is a big guy that was able to spoil pitches, showed good plate discipline, but has a slow swing. Duncan Wendel made a nice play at first and seemed to have some athleticism for the position. The sophomore played in just 5 games with 3 plate appearances as a freshman. Lawton Langsford holds his hands really low when he begins his swing and just kinda leans in and slaps. He's is a 2nd baseman that displayed nice range, but his arm didn't appear particularly strong.

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