Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tulane Scouting Report

Here are my scouting reports on Tulane University from watching them on Saturday of opening weekend in Texas State.

Alex Byo is a senior right-handed pitcher that is 6-2, and doesn't have a complete stride and comes over the top

He seemed to keep the ball low, but also showed the ability to get some whiffs on high fastballs. He has a below average fastball that looked okay but was pretty straight. He gave up hard contact early and showed that he was a fly-ball pitcher. It looks like he has a separate curve and changeup, but the change was really inconsistent and his curve had some horizontal break.

Tyler Mapes is another senior right-hander that is a little on the short side:

Brady Wilson is a junior left-handed pitcher that comes straight over the top, and has a little bit of projection at 6-2 175. He has the tilt that gets him over the top easier. He is certainly not a hard thrower and has a very little command of his curve. He can't get it to the plate, and his fastball command isn't much better.

Tim Yandel is a freshman that has good bat control, and he can go get low pitches. However, there are some plate discipline questions and his swing looks long and slow.

Brandon Boudreaux is a small senior, that ran 4.38 to first base. He has a little bit of pop in a pull swing. Sean Potkay is a big senior that uses an upper cut swing. He seems to have some bat speed problems and sort of cheats for power. He does have good plate discipline though. Andrew Garner is a right-handed junior that also pitches. He seems to have below average speed.

Bowen Woodson had problems with fastballs, but has a little more power than you would expect for your frame. He is not quick, with below average speed. He is a decent fielder at 2nd, with good range and arm, but he did botch a routine play.

Garrett Cannizaro is a senior 3rd baseman that struggled on defensive and was fooled bad on changes and low pitches. Cameron Burns is a small catcher, and his arm looked okay behind there, He was not a bad runner with 4.34 to first. He was absolutely horrible at the plate.

Ian Gibaut is a pretty big right-handed freshman that has a lot to his delivery. It must be hard to repeat , as his leg comes way up. It is certainly not fluid, but it provides some deception. His fastball looks strong, and his change gets some very nice drop.

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