Sunday, February 17, 2013

Texas State Scouting Report

Here are some scouting reports on Texas State's baseball team, that seemed like they had good up the middle defense.

Taylor Black is a somewhat lanky (6-2 190) right-handed pitcher, with a really odd arm action, that you can see below:

He even showed this, what I would call concerning, arm action on pick-off throws. His fastball looked good and he located it both high and low and it got him some whiffs, especially up high. He would sometimes open up and miss arm-side with it. It looks like he was also throwing a change as his off-speed pitch, but his command of it was not very good. When he did command it, it was quite an affective pitch to both righties and lefties:

Donnie Hart is a lefty reliever with a hard sidearm-like delivery. The 5-11 Junior has mainly been used in a specialist role with Texas State:

Morgan Mickan is a senior left-handed batter that played centerfield and hit leadoff. He had a lot of swing and miss for a leadoff hitter, or at least that is what he showed in the game (though he struck out just 12 times in 2012, 7 less times than he walked). You could tell he had below average power (he had a better OBP than SLG last year), but he made solid contact and goes down to get the ball well. His stance contains a little bit of a crouch. Defensively, he didn't show great speed (stole 12 bases and had a good speed rating though) or reads.

Andrew Stumph is a senior catcher that lacked real zip on his throws, but he was a decent to solid receiver. He hasn't shown a great deal with his bat, at least statistically, in his career.

Nick Smelser is a senior that really struggled with his balance at 3rd base. He is sort of a bad body player, with below average run and a long swing (he was not very good statistically last year).

Cory Geisler is a freshman that also pitches, but I just saw him bat and he really struggled with plate discipline. Austin O'Neal's swing mechanics are really off, and it was causing a lot of infield flies. He is lanky, and not built out. He moves well at first, but he plays first base, which is definitely a negative as a prospect.

J.D. Stinnett is a freshman infielder that really struggled with plate discipline. His swing is a little long and slow, but he has some strength in his little frame. For now, there are too many contact problems for him to be successful.

Garrett Mattlage is a sophomore that ran about a 4.41 to first. He is a small guy that tries to go the other way. He was picked in the 39th round in 2011 out of high school, but didn't really hit for any power or show any speed in his freshman season. Colby Targun is a sophomore that had inconsistent swing mechanics and a really big swing.

Austen Williams closed the game out, and the sophomore right-hander didn't pitch much in 2012, but had a 15/3 K/BB. He comes over the top and gets good downward plane. He looks athletic, and gets glove side run on his fastball. His breaking pitch was rare, looked like a slider, and I didn't really get a read on its command.

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