Saturday, February 23, 2013

Georgia Southern Scouting Report

Georgia Southern played Florida on television, here is my write-ups on the team:

Evan Challenger is freshman lefty that was throwing between 82-86 MPH. The stuff just isn't very good at this point. He is skinny, but being 6-1 limits his projection. Challenger comes with a high leg kick, and puts the ball behind him a little bit to give him a little deception. He was working on the left side of the rubber, missing a lot arm-side, which was almost how he pitched exclusively. The change especially had problems, and was weak from a movement standpoint (it was really slow in dropping). It got down to 66 MPH, which is much slower than any big league changeup you will ever see.

He located some good fastballs low though and his command got a little better as the game went along. His better pitches came when he was able to work glove side after setting up the hitter with pitches on the arm side.

Chase Griffin has a pretty bizarre finishing stance, as he positions his leg out like a closed stance by the time the ball gets there. Behind the plate, he doesn't seem to have much of an arm, and has a bizarre over the top throwing motion.

Clean-up hitter T.D. Davis looks like a clean-up hitter in size and he plays 1st base. The 6-4 Senior has a really long swing and clearly looks like a mistake hitter.  He doesn't appear to be extremely slow, but obviously is not a plus runner.

Arthur Owens DH'd, looked like he had solid contact skills, but didn't appear to be a very good runner. The junior is just 5-9, so he didn't look like a prototypical DH. 

Scooter Williams is a short (listed at 5-6) senior lead-off hitter. He looked really ugly on a strikeout and seemed to have a lot of problems chasing pitches. Strikeouts have been a problem in his career, so obviously lead-off hitter really isn't where he should be. Defensively, he seemed to struggle in an outfield corner. I did get him at about 4.10 to first, from the right side, which is very nice speed. 

Josh Stevenson is a senior that throws 88-90 MPH. The right-hander has an over the top style delivery where he sort of runs off the mound. This has to lead to an inconsistent release point. He has a hammer curve that looks pretty good, that he can throw for strikes or bury it in the dirt for a strikeout pitch. He really falls in love with it at times and will hang it. His fastball was really hittable.

Sam Howard is a left-handed sophomore pitcher that was a 48th round pick out of high school. Statistically, he was okay in very limited time as a freshman. Howard holds his hands down low behind his knee before delivering the ball. His back leg does something funny looking when it comes up in his follow through and it made it seem like he was landing awkwardly. He located some fastballs low, but the ones up high did not seem all that impressive. He missed a lot up and arm side. The curveball breaks both ways, not hard or impressive break, and is almost slurvy.

Chris Myers is a 6-4 right-handed senior that comes with a modified three quarters delivery. He doesn't throw hard, and may be a little easy for lefties to see, but the former catcher does get on top of the ball pretty well.

Kyle Rowe is a senior reliever that hides the ball with a back turn. The fastball was high and flat most of the time and wasn't that impressive looking. Rowe was extremely fastball heavy and the ball tended to sail way outside on him.

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