Sunday, March 25, 2012

Scouting Reports on Weatherford and Hill Colleges

On Saturday March 24th, we went and saw Hill College play at Weatherford College.

Cameron Cox was the starting pitcher for Weatherford College, and the Freshman (these are Junior Colleges, so they are all Sophomores and Freshman, and are all draft eligible) stands at 6-3 185. He seemed to be throwing pretty hard and had a 89-91 MPH fastball, that everybody seemed to be late on. He had decent speed differential on his breaking pitch, an 81 MPH slider. It had nice movement, and was just nasty at times. He can throw it for strikes, even though he had a couple really get away from him that didn't reach the plate. He hung the slider a little bit (he threw a couple pitches too much in the middle of the plate in the 3rd) for a homer, and his control left him in the 7th. However, he was getting ground-balls when he wasn't getting strikeouts, which he got a lot of. He has a nice pickoff move, and he picked someone off. He has a fluid arm motion, even if his delivery is a little tricky. He can also play in the infield and bat left handed, even though he is a righty.

Matt Daniels was the right handed sophomore starter for Hill. He threw mainly fastballs, even though it was just 84-85 MPH. It was probably telling that the scouts at the game all were paying close attention to Cox, but didn't even really have their radar guns out for Daniels (one ate skittles while he pitched). His fastball locations were pretty poor, and it was a very unimpressive pitch. He is a little shorter at 6-1, and had a successful pickoff but his move wasn't all that great. He had a 77 MPH slider and a 65-67 MPH slow curve. He was hanging the pitches (he gave up a homer on one hanger), although they weren't bad when he kept them low. He really wasn't sure where he was breaking pitches were going, and I don't know if they have enough break on them to consistently fool hitters. He did get quite a bit of swings and misses, and racked up the strikeouts, but he also walked 3 straight hitters in the 3rd. Defensively, he gets off the mound okay to field.

Justin Garcia for Weatherford is a 6-1 (or 6-0, the official roster and game program disagrees) freshman reliever. The righty had 100 strikeouts as a senior and 112 strikeouts as a junior at Rowlett High School. He has a long leg kick and throws a 2 seam 84 MPH fastball that has pretty solid movement. He throws a 73 MPH breaking ball, and then another almost screwball pitch at 76 MPH that I saw a couple of times. That is not a lot of velocity and not a lot of speed differential.

Albert Aranda is a Freshman right handed reliever for Hill. He is not very big at all, listed at 5-10. He was 85-86 MPH on his fastball with a 72-74 curve. He can throw the curve for strikes and its a decent pitch with plate to plate movement. He fields his position pretty well.

Daniel Milliman is a starting pitcher for Weatherford, with an 86 MPH fastball with movement (actually better movement than his breaking stuff). His breaking pitch was about 78 MPH and stayed high the first time, and then he threw 3 low ones for a walk. It really doesn't have much break, and he hung one to give up a single. He was really struggling to throw strikes early, and he was stiff off the mound. The 6-3 200 Right Handed Sophomore had a 2.24 ERA as a senior and 1.6 ERA as a junior in high school.

Offensively for Weatherford, Connor VanDaveer was the lead-off hitter and 2nd baseman. The 5-10 160 freshman runs pretty well, and had some long at-bats with a walk, but also swung and missed on a breaking pitch. Defensively, he didn't have much range. Cody Semier played in left field, even though the freshman is listed as a 2nd baseman/shortstop. He has very little plate discipline and had an awful chase on a breaking ball. Peter Cuomo was the starting shortstop, and was about 20 pounds heavier but the same height. He is not very fast, but showed some nice range but a not very good arm. With the bat, he had a crouched stance and chased a curveball in the dirt (he also flew out on a 3-1 breaking ball). Dean Redden played some catcher, and the freshman has a nice arm but a bad passed ball. The well sized catcher hit almost .500 last year at Llano High School. Brandon Vineyard started in right field, and showcased an extremely weak arm. The sophomore showed some power potential and did hit a ball hard, but he was fooled by breaking pitches. Cameron Allerheiligen played 3rd base, and it is listed that the big 6-3 215 pound freshman can play both the infield and the outfield. One hopes he plays those other positions better than he plays 3rd, as he was not a good glove out there for the most part and is a slow runner. He walked a couple times, batting 3rd in the lineup, but they also had him trying to bunt for some odd reason. Erik Garcia was the main catcher for Weatherford, and the 5-11 190 freshman didn't have a bad arm but it wasn't a plus arm. He wasn't a good pitch blocker, and he DH'ed in the 2nd game of the double header. Offensively, he hit a hanging breaking ball for a home run at least 380 feet. He got under a breaking ball for a decent fly-ball, made good contact on a fastball, chased a low fastball, and hit an infield fly-ball on a hanging curveball. Collin Zabasky plays 1st base, but DH'ed when we saw him. He had bad plate discipline and a poor swing and swung and missed at a high bad fastball. He is really slow, which is not surprising since he is 6-0 but 230 pounds. Tyler Ervine was the actual first baseman, and he is slow with not much range. He has a pretty good swing, and the 6-4 230 made some nice contact on breaking pitch (even though he got under another one). Colton Hall played center field, and the freshman runs okay but is not fast (and was picked of). He took some close pitches and walked, and he also fouled off some 2 strike breaking balls. He also had an ugly check swing.

For Hill College, Boone Weiss is a sophomore 3rd baseman with slow bat speed and slow actual speed. He was really struggling with the breaking ball, and he is not a good defender at all. Dustin Russell is maybe a little skinny for catcher, as he is not real big at all. He has a nice arm and made some good contact. He seems to be a passive hitter, as in one of his at-bats he had a long at-bat that ended in a ground-ball. He did chase a pretty bad looking pitch though. Kyle Kern has a pretty wild swing that resulted in a single up the middle, but he really chased breaking balls. The sophomore does not have a good arm in the outfield, which is surprising since he also pitches. Seth Harrison is a pitcher/outfielder with decent size, but he too had problems with the breaking ball. He also struck out looking on an outside fastball. He did get decent contact on a hanging breaking pitch. We also saw him pitch, and he was throwing a 85-87 MPH fastball, with an over the top delivery that makes it look like he is throwing harder than he actually is. He has a 74-77 MPH breaking pitch (that hit 79 MPH once) that he didn't have a real good feel for. He would much rather throw a fastball and doesn't have much control at all. Adonis Askew played some catcher, and the freshman has a good catcher body with a decent swing and contact. Dylan Inkman was a freshman outfielder who again struggled with breaking balls and struckout and hit a ground-ball. Keaton Miller is a freshman shortstop with a good swing, and even though he doesn't have plus speed, he stole a base. Keith Carney is not real fast for a freshman 3rd baseman, and he struckout swinging on 3 straight fastballs. Nick Marti is not a burner at 2nd base, but he made solid contact 3 times. He also walked, even though he chased some breaking balls. Tyler Creek is a big (and good big) 1st baseman who is listed as a pitcher/outfielder. He looked really ugly on breaking balls and doesn't have a good swing either. He hit a home run which looked like was on size alone. He made a nice stretch play on defense and seems to be pretty good defensively.

Thanks to My brother Daniel, as he did the Cameron Cox video.

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