Sunday, March 25, 2012

Scouting Reports on Tarleton and West Texas A&M

On Sunday March 25th, I saw West Texas A&M play at Tarleton

Tarleton's starter was Kyle Supack, a 6-3 200 Junior right hander who went to Hill College. His fastball was probably (no radar gun) in the mid eighties with a breaking ball he didn't have a lot of feel for. A lot of them were in the dirt that weren't enticing at all. He seemed to be keeping the ball low, even when he missed, he usually missed low. He really seemed to lack swing and miss stuff. He was not throwing a lot of strikes but he had some awful luck and bad defense behind him. His pickoff move was not bad.

Kenneth Stockton was the first reliever, and he had a harder fastball but it wasn't overpowering. One of the fastballs down the middle got destroyed, and it was just getting tattooed no matter where he put the pitch. His delivery was very easy, but he didn't have much command and didn't have much stuff. He left his curve up the first time he threw it and he hit a batter with another curve.

Tanner Ross couldn't get his breaking ball over in warm-ups and had problems with it during the game, even though he threw one really good one. He was another sub 90 MPH fastball pitcher, and put it in the middle of the plate and was getting hit hard (even though he yielded softer contact later on).

David Diaz is just 5-10 180, and the junior had a deceptive delivery with a not exceptionally hard but not bad fastball. His breaking pitch wasn't awful but he seemed afraid to throw it. He didn't have a lot of command and his pickoff move is not very good.

Austin Coble was the last pitcher I saw for Tarleton. I actually saw the 5-9 175 junior hit and play in the infield last time. His fastball was probably in the low 80s and down the middle. The ball wasn't going where he wanted, and his breaking pitch was very unimpressive.

Some Tarleton Linuep Notes (these are just some scattered notes on things I didn't pickup on the first time I saw them play). Shortstop Evan Robinson doesn't have much range, Ryan Small played 2nd this time, and really is poor there. He hit a homer just over the 320 marker on a line drive but was really unimpressive in other at-bats. Jonathan Schmitz is a freshman who played catcher. He seems to have a pretty

The starter for West Texas A&M was Stephen Diaz, a 6-1 175 right handed sophomore. His first breaking pitch (his breaking pitch is a slow curve) went about 58 feet. He seemed to be throwing about 85 MPH on his fastball. He got a lot of grounders, but in reality he is facing a pretty weak lineup.

The starting shortstop for West Texas was Jordan Easom, a 6-1 205 senior. He had a walk and a weak grounder. He got 11 at-bats for Western Michigan in 2010. Jess Cooper is the big (6-2 220) 3rd baseman. He was not good, awful in fact, on defense, and as one would suspect, he didn't move well out there. He really has a 1st baseman build. There is some power though, as he crushed a pitch down the middle to the wall. He did chase a breaking ball and had a big hack and miss on a fastball. Nick Marquez is listed as an infielder,but the senior played DH. He has slow bat speed and chased breaking balls, but he pulled one down the line for a double. Kendall Boone is a senior who hit a ground-ball on a low 2-0 pitch and really wasn't doing well on the breaking ball. Parker Wood played 1st base and the junior has some power, but it doesn't appear he has the patience to compliment it. Justin Henderson played RF, and the 6-2 210 junior didn't have good timing in his first at-bat and does not have plus speed. He also swung and missed on a fastball in the zone. Eric Dorton is the senior center fielder. Offensively, he has a good eye and crushed a line drive. Jarvis Smith played in left, and doesn't have plus speed. He was having problems with the breaking ball, but he fouled off a couple in one at-bat that ended in a walk. He also had another walk, and hit a hard line drive in an at-bat that where he took a fastball down the middle. Patrick Ramirez runs well for a catcher, and the sophomore seems kind of small (he appears to be the only starter you can say that about) at 5-10 190, but his has a nice easy swing that generates some power. He chased a really ugly breaking pitch but did walk in that at-bat. He also had nice contact on a pitch down the middle.

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